Chavez says that “empire was exposed” and calls Hillary Clinton’s resignation

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said today that Wikileaks leaks have left “naked empire” and said that U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, should “at least give” to the position given the magnitude of the revelations.

“The rule was naked, I do not know what will U.S. do, well, they do not care about this no, but how many things are going, how disrespectful to his allies, how much intelligence!” Chavez said during a cabinet meeting broadcast on state television.

According to the promoter of the XXI century socialism named in documents leaked by Wikileaks, the United States “refers to its allies in an unusual way, and they reveal” a broadside against governments, individuals and international organizations. ”

“He dropped, if he had something mask” the United States, which is “failed state, illegal, and throws all the principles of ethics, respect for their own allies and (…) this (the documents leaked by Wikileaks) shows so huge.”
Chavez said that “we must congratulate the people of Wikileaks” and its director, Julian Assange, “for their courage, their bravery.”

“This man (Assange) goes practically underground, making statements not know from where, fearing for his life even,” he said.

He criticized the reaction of the Secretary of State, who on Monday condemned in harsh terms “theft” of documents to Wikileaks, and considered not only “an attack on U.S. diplomacy, but the international community.”

“You should give lady, is at least (that) can do, resign, and (also to) all the tangle of spies, of people, criminals who are in the Department of State. They should give an answer to the world and not start attack and say it was a robbery, “said the Venezuelan president.

Chavez was outraged because the documents leaked by Wikileaks shows that Clinton allegedly told him to “conduct a study on the mental state of the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez, which expressed its solidarity.

“Someone would have to study the mental state of Mrs. Clinton,” said the ruler of Venezuela, who noted that after a “visual analysis” made by Secretary of State, concluded that she thinks “superior” U.S. President, Barak Obama.

“I do (I’ve done an analysis) visually, she feels superior to Obama, I saw it there, clearly, I’m no psychiatrist or psychologist, but she thinks more than (…) it as Obama is white feel superior to black, “said Chavez.

For the president, another thing that was “proven” with the leak of Wikileaks documents is the immense effort of the United States, the State Department to try to isolate the Bolivarian revolution. ”

“I just have not been, nor will succeed now!” Said Chavez, who constantly denounced the claims alleged U.S. to end the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela led since 1999.

He stressed that given the U.S. attitude; the world must give a “powerful ethical response of overwhelming rejection.”

For its part, Venezuela will respond by strengthening the regional integration process and its “strategic partnership” with Russia, China and allies in Europe, Africa, Chavez said.

Wikileaks has released over 250,000 documents, some of them secret, referring mainly to the State Department communications with more than 270 embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions U.S. worldwide.