Adversity & Resilience | FAMILY | Seeking Wisdom, Wealth & Wellness

This week on the blog, Jonathan talks about facing adversity, building resilience and the importance of defining your why in seeking Wisdom, Wealth, and Wellness.

Good morning. This is Jonathan Satovsky on this episode of seeking wisdom, wealth and wellness
Today, I want to talk about adversity and family.
Everyday we wake up, the sun shines, sun comes up. For me, I walk outside to appreciate the nature and the beauty of what’s happening, and the ability to breathe and catch a fresh breath.
Even with the weather changing, [we must] recognize that adversity is going to hit all of us everyday, every year, at different moments in time, and our ability to be able to breathe and to battle through with resilience is crucial.
My team created a wonderful acronym for building resilience: The SAM FAMILY, which stands for:

F  for find a way.

 for attention for details.

M for meaningful work and meaningful relationships.

I   for innovation.

L  for long term thinking.

 for your why.

My why is to wake up everyday trying to make a better life for myself, my family, my friends, my loved ones, my clients and my team.
So, I encourage you to do the same. Whatever adversity befalls you, keep that why in the back of your mind [as a reminder] that you’re doing everything everyday to be able to make your ecosystem and your culture better on your own path to seeking wisdom, wealth and wellness.


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