Bringing Gratitude To Every Moment This Thanksgiving

Jonathan shares an important message about the pursuit of joy, and finding gratitude within yourself, even during the most testing of times.
Good afternoon. This is Jonathan Satovsky on this episode of seeking wisdom, wealth and wellness, Thanksgiving day version.

And today I wanted to talk about the pursuit of joy and gratitude.

So, I think smiles and joy are contagious.

And sometimes, during the holiday season people might be alone in isolation.

And it may be hard to smile. It may be hard to pass on joy, and it may be hard to be grateful.

And you may have a lot of regrets and a lot of worries.

And you know, the joy, the joy of being present and appreciating whatever comes your way and whatever moments are in front of you and trying really hard to stay on the present.

It’s not easy. It’s not easy for me. I get pulled into regret about the past and worry about the future every day. Every single day.

But you wake up a new day and express gratitude.

So on this Thanksgiving, in your journey to seek wisdom, wealth and wellness, you can compound wealth by saving and investing for your future.

You can eat healthy maybe a tofurkey, for a little wellness. And for your wisdom, be present and enjoy each and every moment of whatever comes your way.

Have a great day and a great holiday in your own journey in seeking wisdom, wealth and wellness.

Video Recorded November 24th, 2020


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