Herman Van Rompuy about Eurozone Crisis : “If Euro fails, the EU will colapse”

User countries of the Euro or Euro Zone, at this time, must think and strive to anticipate the economic crisis. Because the European Union (EU), increasingly worried about the debt piled Euro Zone.

President of the European Union, Herman Van Rompuy, opinion, currently, the Euro Zone have to address and anticipate the crisis because of debt. “If euro fails, the EU will collapse,” said Van Rompy, before a meeting of finance ministers users of the euro countries, as proclaimed AP and AFP on Tuesday (16/11) local time.

Currently, some European Union countries, such as the Republic of Ireland and Portugal, are in great pressure. Many wondered how the two countries to deal with debt problems without the help of EU funds.

Many times, the Irish reject EU aid. However, speculation, Ireland and Portugal in the end forced to use the EU rescue fund.

Van Rompuy very confident these problems can be handled. But he added, in order to overcome, the entire European Union must work together.

Meanwhile, Portuguese Finance Minister Fernando Teixeira dos Santos, said investors believe the country was forced to request emergency assistance of the European Union. Basically, there are concerns that the crisis is affecting the stock market. Santos urged the Dublin to take appropriate steps to receive aid package.