Is All That Glitters Gold?

This week on the video blog, Jonathan talks about why investors have historically bought Gold, and whether biblical wisdom can teach us an important lesson about being lured by shiny objects.

Good afternoon. This is Jonathan Satovsky of the Satovsky Asset Management. We’re in August 2020, and on this episode I want to talk about gold, shiny objects trust and optimism.

Gold has been going up at an accelerated pace, and historically people buy gold as a perceived storage of wealth; the inverse in trust in financial systems – governments, central banks and corporations and humanity, risk for inflation, deflation, destabilization. People perceive it as a shiny rock that they can hold.

Now, forgive me for getting biblical for a moment but this is the story of the Golden Calf where it was a test to see whether people would worship shiny objects, and chase after bright shiny objects versus trusting the heart and soul and faith in humanity and their fellow soul mates in the pursuit of a better life each and every day.

I’m in New York City and there’s music on the streets, there is jazz musicians playing and people eating at restaurants. There is a hustle, a little vibe that I haven’t felt in a long time in New York City, very much like a European street in Italy or France with little coves of outdoor seating and music. It is something that has transformed New York.

Remember, hope stands for “hold on, possibilities exist.”

So, keep forging ahead with confidence and optimism in the face of the fact that 75 percent of the population is extraordinarily bearish or neutral about the future. That mindset isn’t going to serve your heart, head and soul very well so be optimistic on your own journey to seeking wisdom wealth and wellness.

Have a great day.

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