Learn Your 3 Principles: A Key Concept in Building Wisdom, Wealth and Wellness – Back To School Lesson

It’s Back to School season! This week on the blog, Jonathan talks about defining the concepts, or principles that guide your learning and define how you show up in the world.

Good afternoon,

This is Jonathan Satovsky on this episode of seeking wisdom, wealth and wellness.

In 1993, I started to stumble into the field of financial planning and wealth management, and it struck me right out of college that they don’t really teach you a lot about money (in school).

I wanted to learn something, I was hungry to learn! So I had to come up with a couple of simple concepts, or principles to center me on controlling the controllables of what I could do (or how I could direct my attention) since I knew there was a lot to learn.

In doing so I came up with a concept that has stuck with me since – the idea of spending my time on three things that I can commit to clients with.

For SAM, this means research, continued education and being consumer centric.

If I can focus on these three things, then I can become an indispensable part of someone’s life over a life time, both in my journey and the clients’ journey of seeking wisdom, wealth and wellness.

As we set off on a new school year, I encourage you to find your own three rocks to get you on your way.

Have a good day.

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