Rupert Murdoch will launch digital newspaper with iPad

For several months, we knew that the communications magnate Rupert Murdoch was preparing to launch a newspaper just for tablets. According to the “Guardian” yesterday (21/11/2011), the project is conducted in conjunction with teams from Apple. Called “The Daily”, the new daily will be presented jointly at the end of the month by Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs, Apple chief executive for a U.S. launch early next year.

According to several sources of American news, “The Daily” will be a mainstream daily. It does not include web publishing, or publishing paper. Do not support printing costs, distribution costs or it will be sold at low price of 0.99 dollars per week, or $ 4.25 per month. A team of 100 people have already been recruited and is working hard on the 26th floor of the News Corp. Building on Sixth Avenue in New York. As expected (Les Echos, 16 August 2010), it will be directed by Jesse Angelo, a former managing editor of the New York Post, aka the News Corp.

Right out of the iPad, the Apple tablet, Rupert Murdoch had expressed his enthusiasm for this new medium, seeing the way for the press to monetize its content, in the era of all-free Internet. For its part, Apple has begun negotiations with several media groups to offer a digital kiosk on the iPad, where newspapers can be downloaded from the iTunes model for music or series. But publishers are reluctant to leave the firm at the Apple control their rates and subscriber management.