Vlade Divac Talk about Drazen Petrovic and “Once Brothers”

Once Brothers is a documentary about the basketball star Vlade Divac and Drazen Petrovic, who played both for many years in the NBA, and recorded with the national team of Yugoslavia, international success. In the early 90s, the war broke out in the Balkans, a wave of nationalism swept through the country and it was ultimately implode, has driven a wedge through the people that continues to much of today. Also between the Serbs and the Croats Petrovic Divac, who were once brothers and reconciliation after the fatal car accident (1993) Drazen Petrovic never could.
And now, Vlade Divac for the Zagreb Jutarnji talked about the documentary “Once brothers” about broken friendship with Drazen Petrovic, emphasizing, among other things: “While filming the movie, I finally found my peace. As I finally made peace with Drazen … ”
“Friendship is built for years, and destroyed in just one second … I imagined how Drazen and I, when one day end the war, sit down and talk, but that day never came, “said Vlade Divac in the documentary Once brothers.
“I always like to openly and honestly talk about everything. Surely it was so and whether we had the opportunity to meet again,” said Divac in a short interview with “Morning newspaper.
Government reveals how the disintegration of that friendship, and everything else that was happening at the time was startling.
“For me it was painful, and I guess, and everyone else. We were young and from this distance I understand why the reactions were such, and forgive everyone. If I have something that contributed, I hope they forgive me,” said Divac.
Divac explains why it is generally agreed to be shooting a documentary in which “plays” another major role.
“Filming a documentary for me was like reconciliation with Drazen, I found my peace,” said Divac.
Drazen Biserka mother and Aco his older brother, also interviewed in the film. With many large international basketball players and coaches. Let us recall, earlier this year, Divac occasion the film came to Zagreb, and first visited Drazen, and then his mother Biserka Petrovic.
“Drazen and government together have gone through five major competitions (including the national team of Yugoslavia played since 1986-1991). The film is a story of friendship which was interrupted by war and 17 years later there were contacts between Divac and Drazen’s mother, as Given that Divac has not had a chance to all that had happened between him and Drazen cleared, this is at the very least be humane, “said Aco Petrovic.
A friendship Divac and Petrovic and others spoke of their teammates from the team, some, though, from a distance – Dino Radja for example, does not want to sit about it, because, he says, it is difficult to analyze one’s friends and talk about its depth.
“I am and that Divac hurt what happened then, but he is not stupid, he knows very well that the situation was as it is and that some things simply out of control. We didn’t have time to react to them, but in fact we ourselves were insignificant in that entire situation, “said Rada.
Gives rise in turn says that he looks forward to this documentary izbog it will be “corrected distorted image of Divac.”
“About him, unfortunately, the government stereotype, and this is the absolute distorted version of it. It can correct only we who know him. He was a big kid, it does no harm even a single gram,” Said Rada.
Neither Aco Petrovic nor Dino Radja didn’t get the chance to see a documentary that will premiered October 12th in the U.S. ESPN. Divac looked at him and said he was satisfied.
“The movie is really faithful showing a nice time from nice one generation,” said Divac.