Return On Investment Or Return On Relationship?

Investors commonly focus on the returns of their investment portfolio and overlook or minimize the intrinsic value derived from investing in the advisory relationship. In this new video blog, Jonathan asks a simple yet profound question: what is your ROAR: Return on a Relationship, and why is this important?


Good afternoon, this is Jonathan Satovsky of Satovsky Asset Management.

We are back outside; sun is shining, birds are chirping.

And today, I want to share a concept with you: instead of thinking about the return on investment, my new acronym for the day is ROAR: Return On A Relationship.

Every relationship – (whether it is) with a co-worker, with a vendor, with a client, with an employer, with an employee – should be a relationship that everyone is mutually benefiting from.

So, think every day of how you’re going to expand your return on your relationships, and how that leads to wisdom, health and wellness.

Have a great day.

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