The Secret To Mindful Living In 2021 | Wealth, Wisdom & Wellness

Jonathan Satovsky reflects on the rollercoaster of 2020, and offers advice on mindful living to bring joy to each moment in 2021 and beyond.

Happy Holidays!

This is Jonathan Satovsky, and for the holidays 2020, this episode is dedicated to not seeking wisdom, wealth and wellness, but living wisdom, wealth and wellness in 2021 and beyond. Getting ready for the year ahead.

So, reflecting on 2020, it has been a roller coaster.

Financial markets dropped 34%, the fastest bare market in history through March as the economies around the globe got shut down because of COVID.

And then [the markets] came rip roaring back with over 2 trillion dollars in stimulus from the United States.

And around the world massive interventions by the governments. Yet, I don’t think anyone of the 7 billion people on the planet was left unscathed by the roller coaster of 2020.

Wish we all had 20/20 vision

But looking forward into 2021, instead of focusing on the fear of self judgment and self doubt, and the biorhythms of the downs, the news, the media, and the fears gripping many peoples lives, I challenge each and everyone of you, and myself to approach every setback as an opportunity for a comeback.

In living in wisdom, wealth and wellness, there’s a simple formula for attacking each day, for living 7 days a week in joy in 2021 and beyond. Because there’s no excuse not to!

Three key ingredients: hope, love and gratitude.

Everyday you wake up with hope, with love, and gratitude for each new day.

You attack each day with vigor and take each challenge like a Jedi, letting it bounce off of you.

Find a way this holiday season to bring that light,  hope and optimism to the people that you speak to on Zoom, on FaceTime, through a window from afar, or in person. So that you too can make 2021 and beyond, the greatest years of your life.

Have a wonderful holiday.

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